Code of Ethics


I will conduct myself with honesty, sincerity, and transparency in all professional interactions and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in all interactions and practices. I will be mindful and conscious that certain techniques of hypnosis may be viewed as unethical or inappropriate for certain patients, and I will be judicious in the deliverance of individual therapies.

Professional Boundaries

I will maintain appropriate professional boundaries with clients, avoiding any dual relationships that may compromise the therapeutic relationship and ensuring that the coaching and hypnotherapy relationship remains professional and does not infringe upon personal, financial, or other areas outside the scope of practice.

Informed Consent

Prior to all sessions, I will obtain informed consent from clients, clearly explaining the nature of the coaching and hypnotherapy processes, their benefits, potential risks, and any other relevant information.


I will honor, respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of clients, maintaining strict confidentiality of all client information and maintaining the confidentiality of any personal information shared during a session, unless legally required to disclose.

Respect for Autonomy

I will honor the individual’s right to make their own decisions regarding their health and well-being, and I will not impose my personal beliefs or values on clients. I will uphold and prioritize the well being of the client by promoting their personal growth, empowerment, and spiritual development.

Client Care

I will take all reasonable steps to ensure the wellbeing and continued safety of the client by providing a safe and comfortable environment, never using my position as a hypnotherapist to exploit trust and confidence with my client.

Sexual Exploitation

I will not engage in any form of sexual exploitation or inappropriate sexual relationships with current or former clients. I recognize the power dynamics inherent in the therapeutic relationship and the potential harm that can arise from crossing sexual boundaries.


I will provide equal and inclusive services to all individuals without discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other characteristic.

Professional Competence

I will maintain a high level of professional competence through ongoing education, training, and personal development, staying updated with the latest developments in the field, in both coaching and hypnotherapy.


I will prioritize my own self-care and well-being, recognizing that I need to be in a balanced state to provide effective services to others. I will uphold and maintain my own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through self-care practices to ensure the ability to provide services.

Legal Practices

I will uphold all legal standards and ordinances required by the state and county for hypnotherapy and other licensed services provided.

Referrals and Collaboration

I will recognize the limitations of one’s own expertise and refer clients to other qualified professionals when necessary, while collaborating with other healthcare providers to ensure comprehensive care. This may include open and honest communication with the client when their condition is suspected to have a physical or mental basis which may require that the client should seek medical permission prior to treatment.

Ethical Marketing and Business Practices

I will ensure that my business practices, including advertising, pricing, and billing, are honest, transparent, accurate, fair, and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, avoiding any false or misleading claims about potential outcomes or benefits.